Welcome To Allegany Baptist Church!

We hope that if you join us for a service you will notice that we are very concerned about what God has to say to us and living for Him. We are committed to loving one another as God has loved us. Our hope is that you will meet people who love one another, but also encounter a God who loved us so much that He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to die for our sins.

About Our Church

Here you will learn all about our church as far as what we have to offer and a brief summary of how we got started, and where we are today.



Here you will be able to listen, download, and read sermons preached by Pastor Jonathan Colby. Also included are some guest speakers and missionaries.


What to Expect

Here you will learn about what to expect when attending Allegany Baptist. You will learn about our how we do things, and a brief guide to finding your way around.


Meet Our Pastor

Here you will meet the pastor of Allegany Baptist Church, Jonathan Colby. You will learn about his experience in missions and how he became a pastor.


Latest Sermons

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Committed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Allegany Baptist Church is committed to proclaiming and obeying the Bible, God's Word. We are also devoted to making much of Jesus Christ, helping other become followers of Christ and to loving and caring for those in our church and all people. Our services are straightforward: we read and teach from the Bible, which is God's Word to us. In response to His Word, we sing and pray to him as well.