History of Allegany Baptist Church

Allegany Baptist Church was started by six families in the area who faithfully had Bible studies with each other for over two years prior. After praying to the Lord for guidance, they felt led to start a new ministry in Allegany, NY. The church was first established in the spring of 1964 and services were held in the Old Bucher School House on the Four Mile Road in Allegany.

Allegany Baptist Church quickly started to expand and so they moved their facilities to an empty garage on Main Street in Allegany because the building was more spacious and there was more room for parking. They remodeled the building and continued to grow in members. Their Pastor at that time, Jerry Moritz, got called back into active duty for the military and had to step down from his position. The Lord blessed this church and within a few months, Pastor William Pack, came to candidate for the position at the church and the members voted him in unanimously.

The congregation quickly outgrew their building on Main Street, so after much prayer and planning the members agreed to purchase 22 acres of land on Maple Ave which came with a brick building that was refurbished into a lovely parsonage for the Pastor and his family. On July 28th, 1968 the church building you see today was completed and church services have been held there ever since.

We have had several wonderful pastors over the years including Pastor Eugene Setzer, Pastor Alvin Ross, Pastor Frank Hayman, and our current Pastor, Jonathan Colby. Allegany Baptist Church has changed and been updated over the years but one thing will never change, our desire to serve our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and to spread the Gospel to our community.

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