What to Expect

Attire: Our members generally wear semi-formal attire for our Sunday School and Sunday Morning services. However, they usually wear more casual attire for our Sunday Evening and Wednesday night services. There is by no means a dress code at our church, but the above is just the type of attire you can expect to see people wearing.

Parking: When you arrive at Allegany Baptist Church, you’ll probably have to find a place to park, which won’t be difficult at all because we have a spacious parking lot. There are no assigned parking spots, so please feel free to park wherever you’d like. There is, however, handicap parking available with ramp access for those in need of one.

Location of Rooms:

  • Auditorium (where all of our services are held)

Once you step in our church you will see two wooden double doors to your right. These are the doors to the auditorium where you may sit wherever you like.

  • If you walk all the way through the back of the auditorium, you’ll run into two wooden double doors on your left which leads to our hallway of Sunday School classrooms.
  • Sunday School Room for Adults

This classroom is the last classroom at the far end of the hallway.

  • Sunday School Room for Teens/Young Adults

This classroom is the fourth door on your left.

  • Sunday School Room for Grades 3-6

This classroom is the second door on your left.

  • Sunday School Room for Kindergarten- 2nd Grade

This classroom is the third door on your left.

  • Sunday School Room for Toddlers/ Babies

This classroom is on the opposite side of the building, so instead of turning right when you enter the building, you’ll need to turn left. Once you pass the bathrooms, this will be the first room on your left. There’ll will always be at least one women assigned to the nursery for each service who will be there waiting for you when you arrive.

  • Bathrooms

When you enter the building, you’ll need to take an immediate left at which point you should see a drinking fountain. The women’s bathroom is on the left of the fountain and the men’s bathroom is to your right. Right passed the men’s bathroom is our handicap and family bathroom.

Our Worship Service:

Our Pastor generally preaches out of the King James Version of the Bible and you’ll find these versions of the Bible located in our pews. However, our Pastor will often use other translations as well including English Standard Version (ESV) or New American Standard (NASB). You can use whatever translation that works for you but if you would like recommendations from our Pastor, please feel free to talk to him.

At Allegany Baptist Church we love to honor our Lord through singing praises to Him, usually in the form of classic hymns. There are several hymnal books available for you to sing from in each pew but we also project the words on a screen up front.

Each Sunday Service, we give our members an opportunity to honor the Lord through the giving money to support the ministry of the church. An offering bag will be passed around to each pew, but if you don’t have a desire to give any money at that time, please feel free to pass the bag to the person next to you.

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